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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Caleb Caudle "Little Reminders"

Check out Caleb's music video for "Little Reminders"!

Indy Week's Simple Music Video Series: Old Quarter

Old Quarter's "Wolves"

Old Quarter carries the alt-country torch, so we didn't dream of doing this acoustic session anywhere but Slim's. Old Quarter's sound combines some of the best elements of traditional country with a rock 'n' roll propulsion, putting them in the same conversation that includes The Backsliders and American Aquarium.

Indy Week's Simple Music Video Series: The Debonzo Brothers'

The Debonzo Brothers' "The Way You Look at Me"

The Debonzo Brothers are one of the hardest-working groups in Raleigh. Confident in their sound regardless of the publicity (or lack thereof) it garners, they can be seen at nearly every venue in the Triangle during the course of a year, from playing Sadlack's outside in December to a quiet acoustic performance at The City Tap in Pittsboro.

Some Army Kickstarter campaign!

Alright folks, Some Army is nearly halfway through our Kickstarter campaign...also nearly halfway to their goal. Take a look at the project video & page and consider making a contribution - we'll send you something cool in return....  >>CLICK HERE<<